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When it comes to jewellery there are various forms of jewellery available in the market one among them is fashion jewellery which is very conveniently affordable and available in all kinds of shapes and colours. It is also very easy to make and user friendly. In this course, we teach students to play with non-precious and unnatural stones along with using artificial wires and strings. We let the students use their creativity by providing them with all the knowledge. And materials and the students make their own pieces using their creativity.

  • Introduction to Fashion Jewellery Materials
    • Types of beads
    • Tools
    • Findings
    • Cords
    • Threads
    • Wires
  • Techniques
    • Wiring
    • Making bead wires
    • Wrapped wire loop
    • Wiring a Doughnut
  • Finishing
    • Finishing using crimp beads
  • Macrame
    • Half – Knot
    • Square – Knot(Flat- Knot)
    • Alternating Square – Knot
    • Double Half – Hitch
    • Three – Strand Braid

Duration: 6 Days (2 hrs/day)

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