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  • History of Diamonds, Origin & Mining
  • Physical, Chemical and Optical Properties of Diamonds
  • Introduction to Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat
  • Carat Weight – Sieving, Weight Estimation and other techniques
  • Color – Color Grading, shading as per local market like white, off-white TTLB, TTLC, etc.
  • Clarity – Includes Plotting, Study about inclusions and blemishes in case of both big and small diamonds, clarity grading.
  • Cut – Cut grading, study about proportions that includes estimation of crown height, crown angle, table size, pavilion depth and other proportions
  • Grading of full diamonds with 4Cs both with microscope as well as 10x loupe
  • Grading Certified Diamonds
  • Assortment of small diamonds
  • Diamond Simulants & Identification
  • Brief study of fancy cuts
  • Pricing – International & Local Pricing
  • Diamond Market and Future
  • Theory and practical exams
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