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  • Introduction to Gems
  • Properties
    • Physical Properties
    • Chemical Properties
    • Optical Properties
  • Crystallography of Gemstones.
  • Causes of color in Gemstones.
  • Use of High-end equipment like Jewellers loupe, Microscope, Spectroscope,Dichroscope, Chelsea Color filter, UV light, Polariscope, Refractomer.
  • Differentiating Natural Gemstones from its Synthetics & Simulants.
  • Different types of Synthetics & its Identification.
  • Description of Gemstones on the basis of Colors, Species & Chemical composition
  • Different types of Treatments on Gemstones.
  • Identification of treated Gemstones.
  • Identification of various Inclusions in Gemstones.
  • Extensive practical training.
  • Special focus on the major Gemstones available in the market.
  • Gemstones Market & Future
  • Theory and practical exams
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